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Is it the Truth or Just Media Hogwash: The Said to Be Teaser of Mazda3 2014 Sedan?

Is it the truth or just media hogwash: The said to be teaser of Mazda3 2014 sedan? Mazda Motor Corporation is a huge corporation with its start noted to be in the 1920’s. This corporation has products spanning many markets but at the heart they are still car manufacturers. They are currently in the top 20 of the world’s largest car maker’s quantity wise. To Know About Back-End of Mazda They manufacture many series of cars every year. One of the most successful of these series’ is the Mazda3 series. Car enthusiasts have been waiting eagerly for the launch, reveal or even the leak of the information about the 2014 Mazda3. Their wait seems to be over now. This car generally belongs to the... [Read more...]

Masamichi Kogai - New Mazda Motor Corporation President and CEO

Mazda Motor Corporation Enjoys Leadershiop of New CEO Masamichi Kogai The present CEO (Takashi Yamanouchi) of Mazda Motor Corporation in Japan telling to the reporters that, he is going to hand over the work to younger people, as the company has returned to profitability. On November 19, 2008 Takashi became CEO of an independent Mazda, he has to fight for the growth of the company against the global financial crisis. It is to stated that, Yamanouchi was the first Japanese president for Mazda. Last year, the company was back to its better state. To Know Few Facts About the Top Working Corporation On 13 May 2013, Mazda Motor corporation announced that Masamichi Kogai will be appointed as the new... [Read more...]

Mazda Starts Training Mexico Plant Employees in Japan.2

The first twelve employees who came to Japan for the training are actually the first batch to come to the country. As a matter of fact, about a hundred and eight employees from Mexico will arrive sooner before the fiscal year ends in 2014. These 180 trainees will be divided into several teams or groups and they are expected to fulfill different types of positions in the Mazda Mexico Plant. These positions include supervisors, managers, and engineers. The training also involves a six-week long training on the Japanese language. Trainees are expected to learn the basic language and the culture of Japan before they plunge themselves into the competitive training offered by Mazda to them. At the... [Read more...]

Mazda Sets New Trends in Exterior and Molding

Having a joint venture with JPC (Japan Polypropylene Corp.), Mazda Motors is set to initiate the use of resin materials for vehicles parts. This new trend is aimed to maintain the same quality of rigidness derived from using conformist materials whilst putting emphasis on the weight reduction issue.  Mazda claims that the use of resin materials for automotive parts will result to thinner produced parts, which are not usually in the case when conventional resin is used. This also allows having a reduced amount of resin used in manufacturing vehicle parts. Automobile’s bumpers are typically made of resin and weight issues cloud the production coast of production. Mazda contends that when... [Read more...]