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Mazda Cx-5 Updates

The Mazda CX-5 is the compact family crossover SUV that has been added to the Mazda line of vehicles recently.  The 2013 model was introduced in 2012 and is assembled in the Mazda Ujjna plant no 2 in Japan and the Vladivostok factory in Russia. Mazda had started the KODO – Soul of Motion Design language and the CX-5 is the first vehicle to come out of this concept. This car also features the Skyactiv Technology suite that Mazda has releases in the 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback and sedan concept cars. The CX-5 has a rigid lightweight platform that is combined with a new series of engines and transmissions that are efficient. The emission levels and the fuel consumption has seen great improvements... [Read more...]

The 2014 Mazda CX 5 Introduces Brand New Technologies And An Amazing Engine

Luxurious Interiors The 2014 Mazda includes comfortable seating for 5 people and about 65.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity as well. It also features numerous features such as Bluetooth, HD radio, integrated TomTom navigation systems and USB connectivity. The security features in the Mazda have also been enhanced. It now includes advanced air bags up front, front side impact bags, side impact air curtains all around the doors of the vehicle, traction control system and a dynamic stability control system. Another added feature is that the CX5 automatically dials 911 with the help of its Bluetooth when it is involved in an accident and its airbags are deployed. Pricing The base model of the CX 5 comes... [Read more...]

The 2014 Mazda CX 5 Introduces Brand New Technologies And An Amazing Engine

Overview The Mazda debuted its CX 5 version just about a year ago in Frankfurt. However, the esteemed Japanese automaker has again come up with an update on its recently launched model. This is not an emergency refresh by the company but a marketing ploy to capitalize on the great response received by the company for the CX 5. Already the second best selling vehicle for the brand, the Mazda has undergone a few major but necessary changes for its 2014 version. The biggest change has been the introduction of a 4 cylinder 2.5 liter Skyactiv engine which produces an output of 184 horsepower and 185 lb – ft of torque. This is 29 HP and 35 lb – ft more than the previous model. Moreover, despite... [Read more...]

Fuel Efficiency and Beauty: Mazda CX-5

Let’s face it; petrol expenses can surely get the best out of a driver’s budget. Considering a lot of other aspects when it comes to automobile maintenance, the drivers of today would usually go for the handsome, yet fuel efficient cars. For many though, a crossover is always on the list of must-haves, making it a conflicting decision whether to secure an automobile that’s frugal in petrol or grand in feats. Over time, many car manufactures have been trying to blend in fuel efficiency with speed, and grace, and yes—crossovers included. As far as Mazda is concerned, they have aced the latter goal with their new Mazda CX-5 Crossover. Mazda, a Japanese automobile company, of which Ford has... [Read more...]

Mazda Sets New Trends in Exterior and Molding

Having a joint venture with JPC (Japan Polypropylene Corp.), Mazda Motors is set to initiate the use of resin materials for vehicles parts. This new trend is aimed to maintain the same quality of rigidness derived from using conformist materials whilst putting emphasis on the weight reduction issue.  Mazda claims that the use of resin materials for automotive parts will result to thinner produced parts, which are not usually in the case when conventional resin is used. This also allows having a reduced amount of resin used in manufacturing vehicle parts. Automobile’s bumpers are typically made of resin and weight issues cloud the production coast of production. Mazda contends that when... [Read more...]