There are many people around this world who take a lot of interest on cars. As a lot of money is associated with a car when someone goes to buy it takes a lot of care about the look, style and performance of the car. People choose various types of car such as sedan, SUV and hatch back.  One of the companies that has been able to offer high performing and yet stylish vehicle to the car enthusiasts is Mazda. One of the latest inclusions of Mazda in the motor car market is 2015 Mazda 3 which is going to bring a revolution among the car owners. When it comes to the exterior looks of the car not much has been changed in the design.

Have a look at the changes

The designers have toiled hard to make the interiors a feast to the eyes.

Some of the innovative products have been used to decorate the car.

The center stack has been given a clean and simple look.

There is a slim row to perform the job of heating and cooling.

All the statistics related to the car has been shown on a touch screen.

The car is expected to be released in September 2015 in both diesel and petrol variant.

There is no much difference with the previous models of the car as seen in the spy shots. But a lot of new changes have been brought into the interiors.

During the tests the car has been clearly spotted. It has been given the new Kodo design which has the ability to attract most of the people. It has some resemblance with Mazda6. It has become a top choice for families as well as individuals because of the unique vibes it provides people with.

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