If you are planning to buy a stunning car then Mazda3 is what you are looking for. It is a wonder for the car owners both from the perspective of beauty and driving comfort. It is known fact that evens the good things has some areas to improve. 

Why the car is different?

The part of the car that has undergone the greatest change is the engine. It is based on a fully new technology. It is naturally aspirated. The best thing about this new technology is that it will make the engine a high-revving one. Mazda has taken the opinion of those people who have already used their cars. Their suggestions have been given due consideration at the time of designing the new engine.
According to the rumors in the automobile market the new car will not have the turbocharger. The new engine will be of 200 horsepower and will be a naturally aspirated one. The capacity of the engine will be of 2.0l. It will have the ability to reach a top speed of 62 miles per hour within seven seconds. According to an engineer of the company the car is going is going to make its debut in the market in December this year.
The rumor is being welcomed by the people as the previous version of Mazda3 had an engine of 50 horsepower.
The weight of the car has been also reduced greatly in the new model.

Thus the new model is a great improvement over the previous one. Inspired from this the designers of this new car have added exciting features to their upcoming new car. The in house team of the company has been carrying out a lot of experiments in the existing models since 2007. As a result of their hard work this 5 door car has come out with great results. This has been an effect of constant turbo charging and tweaking in the plants.