Milestone of Mazda’s mechanical design to Auto trends. From the frontier of 70s rotary engine of RX-2 to the RX-3 reputable V8, the perfunctory presentation continues to refine using standard approaches where it is still reliable to drive in any crossroads.  Until Miata or MX-5 generation evolved in the late 1980s, the rear-wheel drive auto defeated other car brands because of the spontaneous trend of convertible sports car in the market. Modernization of the engine took place whereas materials are converted to lighter and durable ones. Second generation of the Miata was then released in 1998 in addition to showcase the latest premiere of the prevailing power train.

When CX models became a phenomenal hit in the market, many auto buyers settled for an affordable vehicle that inclusively fits for driving, maintenance and ultimately the entire performance. It is well said that Mazda brand is relatively convenient as what test drivers deliberated. Although the features are quite simple, the array of style still earns a multitude award.

In a manner of ranking among the best SUVs in the market, let us look into the latest review of the CX-9 this year. According to auto critics, the vehicle is said to have good standing in terms of affordability. The engines have flattered buyers about its four-wheel drive under the Automatic power train transmission. Including under the front hood is a 3.7-liter V6 cylinder with a horsepower of 273 units running at 6250 rpm and a 270 lb-ft torque engine. The exterior is also suitable for a family due to its compartment interior size and space cutoffs. 

After Miata model has revolve from the classy 70s design, the 2012 edition displaces a style to the future. The convertible 4-cylinder rear-wheel drive engine is something to die for especially with those dazzling aluminum or chrome wheels selection. With torque power of 140 lb-ft and 167 horsepower, the MX-5 persists to attain consumers rating on overall functional performance.

To no avail, the Mazda Biante GRANZ offers another edition of making the front bonnet look into a luxurious attitude. Both GRANZ and GRANZ-C embark a smooth front upper and lower grille fixed with LED lightings at the rear sides. Not only buyers assume it affordable, the main technical specs are even more genuine. With FWD model, you will notice those 17-inch alloy wheels as you inspect the auto around its side.