The Mazda Deep Orange 3 is a concept car, engineered and conceived by the students of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research and styled by Frederick Naaman from the Arts University of Pasadena, California.

It Is Stylish
The car is sporty looking and spacious. Consumers these days desire to have all kinds of attributes in one, however to accommodate all the desires is bit tough but Mazda Deep Orange 3 have so far done it. Even though it is a sports hatchback car it managed to make a room for six.

There’s a Seating for Six
You don’t believe it unless you see it, but it is true to the fact that this sporty looking car can easily fit six people. If you are thinking that this latest technology car comes with an old fashioned seating than you are wrong. There is a middle buckle seat that folds down when not in use, this way the vehicle accommodate 6 people easily without giving a feeling of being crammed inside.

Using Origami Technique
The framework comprises of aluminum which is a lighter metal but an expensive one than other metals. The chassis design is created using an Origami technique that involves riveting and folding of sheets of aluminum.

It Is Hybrid
Designed under Gen Y category, it is parallel hybrid and power train conceptual vehicle. It has 4 turbo charger cylinders that powers the front wheels and there is a lithium battery powered electric motor that takes care of the rear wheels. This arrangement boosts the performance and the functioning, enhancing you’re overall driving experience.

Price Factor
Packed with all latest amenities and exceeds your driving expectations at par. Certainly, the price isn’t to be pocket friendly but yet to come out. Yes, the price for Mazda Deep Orange 3 car isn’t decided yet so we cross our fingers that it comes in our budget range.