Mazda after unimpressive gains on consumer’s buying guide last year has managed to regain consumers’ vote as top choice to buy. The Annual Consumer surveys report serves as the bible to auto industry marketing and look upon as influential in what’s consumers will intent to buy. The survey reports were based on the quality and Mazda has shown dramatic gains from consumers’ perceptions. 
While Honda Motor lost its number one spot, Subaru and Mazda posted impressive gains with 75 and 74 points respectively. This narrows down the margin between top choices held by Honda Motors. Observes are unanimous in saying that the report was reflexive of Honda’s previous redesigning problems that has hurt the Japanese automaker top position on consumer’s perception. Honda’s Civic small car and its Odyssey minivan got the lowest score compared to the models they’ve replaced.
Mazda’s gain is seen as one of the best improvements in terms of quality while doing cost-cutting efforts on all of its models. The consumer’s report showed that the automaker has climbed up high from its low seventh place on quality perception after two of its models has shed off its low scores and increased its overall standing. Consumer Report automotive test center senior director David Champion has commented Mazda for its very impressive gains.
Automakers such as Chryslers has remained in the bottom place on quality but its overall standing also has shown an 8 points jumps from the bottom. It’s as seen as consumers’ reaction to its extensively redesigned models and has increased perception as the most improved vehicles of the year. 
Ford has suffered the biggest setback when it only placed 10th position after sliding from the 5th place in last year Annual report.
Consumer Reports is an annual report as published by the Consumer Union. The magazine is published monthly and carrying reports and reviews based on its self-conducted consumer surveys. The magazine is one of the most influential when it comes to shaping consumers’ buying perception. Automakers use this Annual Consumer Reports as a guide in their building their new models. The magazine has a strong and impressive 7.3 million subscribers who give their unbiased buying perceptions, which are essential in creating the auto industry’s marketing schemes. All tests and reports are handled by International Consumer Research and testing as the umbrella organization of Consumer Union.
With Mazda’s top gain, the automaker is keen on bringing more improvements on its car models and ensures their position as one among the top selling car.