12 Mar

Talking about quality, a survey conducted by the Consumer Reports Automotive Report Card reports that relatively newcomer Subaru has edged out consistent league leader Honda as the car with topmost quality.  Honda has enjoyed being on the top for the last four consecutive years yet it has taken quite a beating recently in criticisms on an assortment of quality issues. Another casualty by Subaru, manufacturer of full-time four wheel drive standouts Forester and Outback, is Japanese auto giant Toyota in the fields of reliability, comfort, utility, and performance. The reason for the lag in Toyota and Honda is the apparent cutbacks in operation and manufacture costs, obviously showing in their most recently revamped models.
The truth is, this development in car manufacturer lead changes has been brewing on for quite some time. Subaru, in recent surveys, has been gearing up to take the lead earning a score two points higher than last year’s apparently due to the improvements on its Impreza, Outback, and Legacy.
One of the most astounding movements in the popularity chart is the jump made by Mazda from seventh to second outclassing Toyota and other consistent placers. The amazing ascend of Mazda can be attributed to the high scores by Mazda 3.