The current reports have come up, that so many artists have been taking an initiative to showcase the amazing concepts of the car though their creativity with great colorful ideas. One such concept has been raised by the great Graffiti artist Banksy who has portrayed Mazda Protege
About the artist
The artist has got years if experience and is currently residing in New York City. He is known for the different graffiti arts which he has put up in different exhibitions and shows and is aid to be one of the best performers.
About the car
Mazda is one of the popular Japanese automaker company that has managed to sell quite a lot number of cars globally. The base line of the company is to produce the full line cars and CUVs. The company undertook the production in 1970 and released its first car RX2 which gained quite lot popularity.
Features of Mazda
It generally believes in designed hybrid cars
It designed the models with high technology
Highly in demand for MX-5 Miata roadster
Known for its use of Wankel rotary engines
Now that the car is in canvas, it seems that they have increased the value of the car to -$3,000 and hopefully, the car would stand on its expectation. Though the car seems to be pretty good in design for which it has been put in the canvas hopefully it technology aspect should not get affected due to it.
For more information about the car of whose canvas has been painted, you can look for its video too. There are some links in which you will get to hear audio and see the video of the canvas both at the same time. You can visit the Banksy website to know more of it.

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