Car racing has always been a sport that has created an adrenaline rush in the blood stream of the people. Various sports channels have stated that their viewers increase when they show the live telecast of a car race. There are many companies that race with the motto of winning on one day and then selling the car on the next day.  But Mazda had been somewhat different from the others.

According to the company racing is one of the best ways with the help of which they can improve their cars. To do this the Japanese car maker is testing its cars on various race courses. The car that has undergone the greatest number of test runs is the Skyactiv-D. It has an engine that uses the power of diesel to carry out its operations. It had also set the record of being the first diesel car that is taking part in the race that was held at Daytona. Not only was this it also able to notch the victory at Road Atlanta.

What’s more?

There are many people who wondering whats so special about Skyactiv-D are taking part in the race. Let’s have a quick look.

After 60 years a car powered by diesel was seen competing in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
The last Cummins powered car was last seen in this race course in 1952. The car was an Indy 500. It had a engine with a capacity of 6.6 liter. There was also an inline 6 cylinder burner. This made the machine a brute. It was also able to set up a new record and made its mark by winning the race.
The car was withdrawn from the race when it reached the 71st lap. Its diesel engine left an impression on the racing community. Mazda is all set to repeat the history once again.