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2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata and Exterior Styling Products

One of the most exceptional Mazda lineups for this year is the 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata. The new Mazda prototype is capable of producing 167 horsepower powered by a high-performing 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. It is considered to be one of the most affordable convertible sports cars in the market these days. The estimated range of this new model is about 60 mph per 7 seconds. This lightweight sports car delivers a world-class roadster experience and improves car handling. Even if the MX5 rivals the Toyota MR2, Miata produces sufficient power in order to achieve its maximum speed and extreme road performance. For more than 20 years, Mazda was able to preserve its legacy in the global car industry. The... [Read more...]

Milestone of Mazda’s Mechanical Design to Auto Trends

Milestone of Mazda’s mechanical design to Auto trends. From the frontier of 70s rotary engine of RX-2 to the RX-3 reputable V8, the perfunctory presentation continues to refine using standard approaches where it is still reliable to drive in any crossroads.  Until Miata or MX-5 generation evolved in the late 1980s, the rear-wheel drive auto defeated other car brands because of the spontaneous trend of convertible sports car in the market. Modernization of the engine took place whereas materials are converted to lighter and durable ones. Second generation of the Miata was then released in 1998 in addition to showcase the latest premiere of the prevailing power train. When CX models became a... [Read more...]

Mazda Bounces Back with Annual Consumer Reports Top Gains

Mazda after unimpressive gains on consumer’s buying guide last year has managed to regain consumers’ vote as top choice to buy. The Annual Consumer surveys report serves as the bible to auto industry marketing and look upon as influential in what’s consumers will intent to buy. The survey reports were based on the quality and Mazda has shown dramatic gains from consumers’ perceptions.  While Honda Motor lost its number one spot, Subaru and Mazda posted impressive gains with 75 and 74 points respectively. This narrows down the margin between top choices held by Honda Motors. Observes are unanimous in saying that the report was reflexive of Honda’s previous redesigning... [Read more...]

12 Mar
Mazda 3 News

Talking about quality, a survey conducted by the Consumer Reports Automotive Report Card reports that relatively newcomer Subaru has edged out consistent league leader Honda as the car with topmost quality.  Honda has enjoyed being on the top for the last four consecutive years yet it has taken quite a beating recently in criticisms on an assortment of quality issues. Another casualty by Subaru, manufacturer of full-time four wheel drive standouts Forester and Outback, is Japanese auto giant Toyota in the fields of reliability, comfort, utility, and performance. The reason for the lag in Toyota and Honda is the apparent cutbacks in operation and manufacture costs, obviously showing in their... [Read more...]