There are affordable cars, and then there are cars that offer thrilling performance. Rarely do the two ever converge, but Mazda has made a tradition of coming up with vehicles that combine both of these eminently desirable traits. Mazda cars have always focused on exhilarating performance, as it is in fact the hallmark of their brand. In addition to exceptional design and responsive handling, a vehicle only becomes truly excellent if it also possesses a comfortable cabin. Initial designs focus on ensuring a spacious interior. Mazda is not all performance cars and hippy vans of course; in fact there is quite a line of classy family coupes and sedans that would great in just about anyone’s driveway.

The car company consistently keeps an eye on the environmental impact of each angle of its operations and carries on a continued effort at keeping a clean environment. It does such act whether dealing with cars in production, on the road, or at the end of their life. Mazda is into continuous research and analyses to further enhance and manufacture vehicles that can conserve energy, minimize waste, remove air and water pollution and trim down chemical emissions that are hazardous. Mazda utilizes an effective and systematic operation system and at the same time enforcing efficient use of resources and hazardous wastes reduction. Another proof of Mazda’s commitment to environmental concern is their Environmental Accounting System. This enables to find out the costs and benefits that are incurred by its environmental protection activities.

In the racing world, Mazda has had substantial success with both their signature Wankel-engine cars (in two-rotor, three-rotor, and four-rotor forms) as well as their piston-engine models. Mazda vehicles and engines compete in a wide variety of disciplines and series around the world.It is also known that on any one day in the United States Mazda has the most cars on the race track, proving its popularity. Formula Mazda Racing features open wheel race cars with Mazda engines, adaptable to both oval tracks and road courses, on several levels of competition. Since 1991, the professionally organized Star Mazda Series has been the most popular format for sponsors, spectators, and upward bound drivers. It is the second-highest level on the aforementioned MAZDASPEED driver development ladder. Engines for the Star Mazda series are all built by one engine builder, certified to produce the prescribed power, and sealed to discourage tampering. They are in a relatively mild state of racing tune, so that they are extremely reliable and can go years between motor rebuilds.

Mazda has a tradition of building zippy and fun compact cars. Its previous entry-level model, the Protege, was known for its exceptional chassis and superb handling. The Mazda 3 continues that trend of impressive performance, and with a fresh, modern body design, it has the style to match. No other car in the segment provides as much performance and driving fun for the money. Even the base Mazda 3 comes with a stout engine and a surprisingly sophisticated suspension and interior. But since even the entry-level car has been tuned toward the performance side, some buyers might find the Mazda 3’s ride a bit too firm — a small compromise for the car’s impressive handling characteristics. Mazda 3 should be the first vehicle you test drive when shopping for an economy family sedan or hatchback. It hits all the right notes and its flaws are few and far between.