Mazda has put out a newly tuned edition specific for the Japanese market. The Mazda MX 5 is more commonly known as the Miata in North America, it is a two-seater sports car first came out on 1989 and it has been very popular since.  Since its release in 1989, the Mazda MX 5 has been the best selling two-seater convertible in the history of car production. It has gone though many changes and upgrades; the MX 5s being enjoyed today, are the third generation of the sports car. Many changes have been made to the sports car with regards to its engine, power and physical aspects. Recent years have encouraged adaption to the demands of the consumers.
Mazda, being a Japanese brand has made changes to the car. The tuned up Mazda MX 5 will be available specifically to Japanese consumers. Car lovers might be expecting changes in the engine and performance of the car, if this is so, consumers are up for a little disappointment.  The changes in the MX 5 are more focused on the aesthetics of the car. The color – it comes in three different colors. Two of the three colors are specific only to this newly released MX 5. The engine and power of the car is still the same. The interior of the car however is a different matter. The Mazda MX 5 has been called the ‘Black Tuned’ Special Edition. As such, the interior of the vehicle is in black leather and it has yellow trimmings. One blogger has cited the new tuning in the Mazda as more enticing to the car lovers who are more into looking good than driving hard.
The car will maintain the 2-liter engine and the 6-speed manual gearbox. Japanese consumers will be getting a few perks when they purchase the car. The wheels are made of 17 inches alloy, which allows for a smoother ride and of course a sleeker exterior. Being named the ‘Black Tuned’ edition also rings correct when looking at the retractable top of the newly tuned car. It is a sleek black hardtop. The allow wheels, retractable hardtop, and the black leather for the interior of the car hold true to the overall theme of the car.
These days tuning a car has become more popular. It basically means giving a new look to your favorite ride. Some tune-ups may be costly but there have been generally positive feedback about the results. Why don’t you give it a try?