A deep look into the future of diesel engines with Mazda’s new fuel-efficient line  Automotive enthusiasts and engineers from around the world have been in constant pursuit of the next big thing when it comes to fuel-efficiency and more technologically innovative engine design. Mazda is racing through the lines with its launch of a brand new group in four cylinder engines called Sky-G and Sky-D set to revolutionize how fours provide engine power to most of Mazda’s franchise. A lot of testers have shown considerable favor over the new engine family as it competes with both speed and fuel economy when compared with other favorite Mazda engine types.
The Sky-G with a 2.0-Liter version is set to be launched in the U.S. by next year and is going to be part of the much-awaited midcycle transformation for the Mazda 6. The new design will involve the Mazda line toting a lighter build, revolutionary optimization additions with the addition of material thickness and mount points. Mazda has stated that there are plans of expanding the new engines into 1.3 and 2.5 liter versions as well as a licensure to Toyota to prepare their hybrid prototypes in compliance with Sky-based technology. Everything about the new Sky series is a leap frog from its previous predecessor with estimated EPA fuel economy ratings of 3 of 30 mpg city and 39 to 40 highway. The ratings are as competitive as the Volkswagen’s Jetta and Golf diesel engines as well as other smaller competitors such as the Chevy Cruze and Ford Fiesta.