Many automobile owners prefer the first generation Mazda3 for its speed, sleek style and lightweight, despite the fact that the new second generation Mazda3 made some minor upgrades from its previous incarnation. The reputation of the vehicle as a fast, sporty device enables it to be used in various rally racing competitions, and is also one of the most customized automobiles in the market today. In a way, the Mazda3 symbolizes a new type of automobile: a hybrid of a compact family car with the aggressive and sleek approach of a sports car.  

Customizing the Mazda3 can be either a minor or a major approach. Customizing options include the following: upgrading the sound system, seating, dashboard and door panels, repainting or adding intricate designs to the exterior or adding accessories such as spoilers, steel mufflers and mag wheels. Customizing the Mazda3 is a long process, but it will only depend on how the owner can customize the vehicle.

As this owner heads out on the road to show his newly customized Mazda3, many more are willing to shell out their money in order to customize their own. However, recent news about Mazda can attest to the new generation Mazda3 with additional safety and ergonomic features from the previous version. However, they still retain the sleek and sporty look that had defined the Mazda3. Today, many owners are hoping to find a way to improve performance and style with the Mazda3.