The Mazda3 was first released in 2004 and it came out in two types – the four-door sedan and the five-door hatchback. The model redefined the compact and subcompact automobile genre with its lightweight and sporty look. That is why some owners of this vehicle attempt to customize according to their preferences. And, one of them took his to a new level.

This owner of the Mazda3 decided to give it a darker, more intimidating look with the addition of dragons, barbarians and thunder, and then took it a step further by painting its mag wheels blue. Inside, the speaker systems and FM radio was updated, while the door panels were fully upholstered to give additional comfort. The hood and engine of the car was left virtually untouched, with the only change made were the updated gas struts provided by Redline Tuning. In addition, he updated the leather seats, brake and clutch pedals, and furnished the steering wheel for good measure. A newly painted logo and typeface completes the makeover from a simple, exquisite vehicle to a lean, mean, powerful machine.