The Mazda Motor Corporation located in Hiroshima, Japan has launched a program which entails training Mexico Plant employees in the country.  The training was declared to commence in June 04, 2012. This program was launched for the purpose of providing new employees for the Mazda Mexico Plant which is currently under construction and development these days.
It was in June 07 when the program’s opening ceremony took place at the headquarters of Mazda which is situated in Hiroshima. There were twelve new trainees who came from Mexico to train in the country and they will be trained as production managers for the upcoming Mazda Plant in Mexico.

The course has begun with a tour at the museum of Mazda along with classes that aim to teach these trainees about the value of safety and health. During the trainees’ stay in the country, they will be on their way to study the different manufacturing methods and procedures of these types of vehicles. They are also expected to learn the different standards for quality control, hand-on leadership skills training, along with different forms of practical trainings.