Reportedly, Mazda has initially planned of developing one thousand units for this particular edition of a four-door and four-seat sports car. However, the initial plan was changed when a great deal of orders has been presented to the motor company.  The sales of the Mazda RX-8 SPIRIT R special edition were launched sometime in November, 2011.

The additional orders for the Mazda RX-8 SPIRIT R come from different customers of different ages and groups and these include rotary engine and sports car enthusiasts. Basically, the six-speed manual version of the car’s transmission has proven to be the most popular which constitutes 66 percent of the total orders.

This particular type of Mazda RX-8 SPIRIT R features Bilstein dampers and aero parts. It also features bucket seats that are RECARO-inspired and nineteen inches aluminum wheels that are painted in bronze. With such features and characteristics, one will truly become proud of this kind of particular model from one of the best producers of cars in the world, simply Mazda.

The orders that were made seem to be divided in three colors. The body colors of the cars are a way by which the orders have been divided accordingly. Basically, the orders made by car buyers are divided in the RX-8 SPIRIT R’s three different colors: Sparkling Mica Black, Aluminum Metallic, and Pearl Mica Crystal White.