What is new with Mazda? It’s the Mazda3 I that has gotten new infusion style and efficiency making the car one of most- watched car for 2012. This particular Mazda3 I will be the first of the carmaker’s models to use SkyActiv-G engines under its hood. This will make Mazda aims for higher gas mileage while at the same time not compromising its high performance car tag.

Mazda3 I is using a 2.0 liter engine which is exactly the same size of a standard engine for its class and SkyActiv-g engines has notably increased compression ratio of 12:1; direct injection and specially shaped piston giving off a more powerful drive at 155 horsepower. It is definitely more power compared to the standard engine of 148 horsepower.

While Mazda 3 I engines are of great power, it has received EPA ratings of 28 mpg city and mpg highway which would mean it can be a robust car while on the highway and a sleek car while doing city driving. This is real boost as the standard engines with less than 7 horsepower only get 25 mpg in city driving and somewhere around 33 mpg on highway driving. Mazda 3 i SkyActiv-G is an option that Mazda is taking regarding cost evaluation. Mazda 3 I has been- tested-driven by several car critics and reviewers and so far, reviews are far more than encouraging.  Test drivers have given Mazda 3 I high score for its sport automatic transmission which they found out to be much adequate and on par with other cars on its class. Its manual sport shift mode was rated as very encouraging and was well-received by test drivers.

Mazda is working on to reduce friction with SkyActiv-g engines by installing an electric controlled oil pump for its lubrication needs while a new water pump and a redesigned fin in the radiation ensures consistently cooling thus eliminating accidents of friction and heating. The engine is also capable of adopting a valve timing that keeps the cylinder contents cool thus totally eliminating friction caused by aggressive pumping during low-load condition.

Mazda on the other hand was happy to take note of those encouraging reviews and is on the way to predicting that Mazda 3 I with SkyActiv-G engines will boosts its sales for 2012 and hope the success for their latest innovation will foster steps in furthering technology and style for their car models.