Mazda has not been in the list of top SUV cars available in the market until the launch of the 2013 model known as Mazda Cx-5.  This model was launched in the year 2012 and it is a real beauty among SUVs. Compared to other European SUVs, it is extremely fuel economical and is available at a very promising price. Its stylish and trendy looking body has all the catchy features which are needed for an SUV.
Mazda is now putting forth the latest technology named ‘Sky active’ technology. Moreover, it is built in a light weight manner by keeping of the heavy parts and replacing them with light strong steel alloy. This SUV is looked upon as an economy car, as it consumes less fuel. Though fuel consumption of the vehicle is less, you must never underestimate its performance. The engine as well as transmissions are also been given several improvisations from the previous models of Mazda, adds to the better performance of the Cx-5.
Talking about the looks of the car, the interior design as well as the materials used is of very high quality. The royal interior can make you feel different. The materials used for the dash also give it a rich look. The steering wheel also has its own unique features which makes you feel like driving the car without any kind of strain.
There is a touch screen display inside the SUV which can help you to upload the contacts of the smart phone. Play music through the wireless system from the display of the touch screen. This can be done with a minute syncing.
Mazda’s introduction of ‘Sky active’ technology has made the introduction of an engine with great power. With its 6 speed transmission, Mazda Cx-5 is sure to conquer the roads and minds.