Mazda’s experience in two-seat roadsters
Mazda has been producing the MX-5 roadster from 1989 and is considered to be one of the best roadsters that are available in the automotive industry. The Mazda MX-5 has seen a lot of facelifts and changes throughout the years and the popularity of this roadster is attributed to the fact that it is fun to drive and also great value for your money.  The two decades of experience that Mazda has in producing and developing two-seat roadster is what Fiat plans to utilize with the partnership between the two companies having been officially announced. The MX-5 is a roadster that has won many awards worldwide and is considered to be the world’s best selling sports car.
Facts about the deal
The rumors that were floating around in the automotive industry about a deal being worked upon by Fiat and Mazda were confirmed when the companies announced that they have inked the agreement to build two differentiated and distinctly styled two seat roadsters that will be iconic and brand specific. Both roadsters are real wheel drive and will be powered by specific engines that are unique to each brand. Both the roadsters will be assembled at Mazda’s plant that is located in Hiroshima, Japan. This deal is said to become the boost for Mazda as they will be looking for a boarder platform for their upcoming next generation MX-5 Miata, As for Alfa Romeo which has been struggling recently, this deal allows Fiat to resurrect one of the most memorable models of Alfa Romeo and to do it at a fraction of the cost that it would have needed to develop a new roadster of their own.
Debut of the roadsters
There were plans to reintroduce Alfa Romeo to the US Market towards the end of 2013, but with the new Alfa Romeo 4C expected to be launched in 2015, the re introduction of Alfa Romeo in US has been delayed.
The production of both cars will start by 2014 and therefore the debut of the roadsters is expected to roll out of production by 2015.
The time of the launch of the roadsters are tentative at the present and is expected to be changed if the need arises.
Unique characteristics of the roadsters
Both cars will share the same chassis that has a rear wheel drive layout. Other than this, both roadsters are said to be planned to be distinct in their own way and there are a lot of difference in styling and the engines that will power them. Each of the two roadsters will have their own unique shape and personalities. The Miata is expected to be sportier in look with pronounced fenders, a blunter front and rear end and the usual big Mazda grille. But the Alfa Romeo Spyder will have to be sleek and have an expensive feel to it. The fact is that the Spyder will be expensive than the Miata and will have to live up to the brand name. What rolls out in 2015 as a result of the partnership between Fiat and Mazda will have to be seen.