As a matter of fact, this kind of navigation system for Mazda CX-5 can be availed at a very low price of 449 dollars when you buy them online. So if you are looking for places to buy this accessory and want to avail it lower than the popular 500 dollars selling price, it really pays to find and get them online.

Once you get this accessory installed in your CX-5, you will have the same benefits achieved from a Tom-Tom in dash navigation system. The only difference is that you will no longer have to spend 2,315 dollars for the touring model sticker or spend something like 1,325 dollars for the high level Grand Touring.

What’s with the navigation system kit? The moment you purchase this kind of navigations system, make sure that the kit contains the following:

·         A module that operates and follows the plug-in system
·         SD memory card

It can be installed by the dealer or can be done on your own because of its DIY characteristics.