Mazda Motor Corporation Enjoys Leadershiop of New CEO Masamichi Kogai
The present CEO (Takashi Yamanouchi) of Mazda Motor Corporation in Japan telling to the reporters that, he is going to hand over the work to younger people, as the company has returned to profitability. On November 19, 2008 Takashi became CEO of an independent Mazda, he has to fight for the growth of the company against the global financial crisis. It is to stated that, Yamanouchi was the first Japanese president for Mazda. Last year, the company was back to its better state.
To Know Few Facts About the Top Working Corporation
On 13 May 2013, Mazda Motor corporation announced that Masamichi Kogai will be appointed as the new President and CEO, it will be effective on 25 June 2013. For the past 36 years Kogai has been with company and was in charge of purchasing and production. He has played a major role in improving Mazda in a more efficient and effective automaker. He has worked in the areas such as R&D, logistics and Information Technology. A real successful person not only knows how to make fortune but also knows how to share it among the audience.
Former Role Player in the Corporation
Former executive vice president Seita Kanai, in charge of quality assurance, promoting Mono Tsukuri Innovation, and Brand Enhancement will be promoted to Vice Chairman of Mazda Motor.
Former Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Akira Marumoto in charge of Profit Control, Corporate Planning, Corporate Brand Enhancement, Cost Innovation and Product Strategy will be appointed as Executive Vice President of Mazda and also assistant to new president Masamichi Kogai. Meanwhile the Chariman of the Board will be Yamanouchi. All these changes will be implemented on 25 June 2013, during the 147th General Shareholders’ Meeting. However, they possessed the courage and determination to become the leaders themselves instead of following anyone else.

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