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27 Dec
Mazda Changes

There are many customizations being made to cars these days. A lot of shops are actually connected to the internet and they show how to make these changes.  Changes can range from outer body to paint to a complete overhaul of the machinery on which the car runs. Some changes are made to make the car more comfortable and yet still, some changes are made further equip the car for whatever undertaking the owners foresee for them. The irony in it is that people never seem to be contented. Ideally, one would buy a car because it suits their needs, these days, more and more people are buying cars because they are easier to customize. Everything is about personalization. Everyone wants to put themselves... [Read more...]

Mazda Allows Additional Navigation T Any CX-5s Anytime

As a matter of fact, this kind of navigation system for Mazda CX-5 can be availed at a very low price of 449 dollars when you buy them online. So if you are looking for places to buy this accessory and want to avail it lower than the popular 500 dollars selling price, it really pays to find and get them online. Once you get this accessory installed in your CX-5, you will have the same benefits achieved from a Tom-Tom in dash navigation system. The only difference is that you will no longer have to spend 2,315 dollars for the touring model sticker or spend something like 1,325 dollars for the high level Grand Touring. What’s with the navigation system kit? The moment you purchase this kind of... [Read more...]

Mazda Allows Additional Navigation T Any CX-5s Anytime

There is a particular button that is added to Mazda cars. Many people see them on the internet these days and a lot of them asked what particular use this kind of button is for? Basically, unless you are using a Mazda CX-5 car, you will not be able to make use of this specific type of button. This particular button was just recently tested in a Mazda CX-5 that has no navigation system at all. The results are staggering and if you’re only a kid who still believes in Santa, you may want to ask this one from him as your next present on Christmas. This navigation button is simply a good choice simply because it can make your navigation wishes something real. Thanks to Mazda, one gets the chance... [Read more...]

2012 Car Buyer’s Guide: Mazda3 vs Focus vs Corolla

Here’s an updated car-buying guide for people who want to buy second hand cars for the year 2012. Mazda3 – this is considered as the most successful model ever produced by Mazda. It has the zoom-zoom appeal and the attributes, which are not found in Corolla models. However, Mazda and Corolla are equally preferred by many people in terms of using them for both business and private purposes. Trying to buy this model, you should make sure to avail the free servicing program offered by Mazda NZ. This is going to be a great savings on your part. Ford Focus – this comes with a two-liter Duratec engine, which also comes with twenty thousand service interval programs that help reduce maintenance... [Read more...]

2012 Car Buyer’s Guide: Mazda3 vs Focus vs Corolla

Wherever you are, the economic instability is evident. As a matter of fact, the recession that took place some few years ago can still be felt up to these days. People can still feel the negative effects of such kind of economic difficulty and now and this really counts a lot particularly in the financial issues in the lives of many. Mazda unveils sky series engines. Cars in the United States are considered as necessities. A household needs to have one so as to get in their destination faster. Without cars and other types of vehicles to use, life in America becomes inferior.  Buying second hand cars is definitely one of the best ways to be practical. With a good deal of knowledge and information... [Read more...]

The New Digs on Diesel – Mazda Unveils Sky Series Engines

The Mazda team successfully built their new engines on the basis of improving compression rations. The significant boost of up to 14:1 from the previous 11:1 within a 2.9 liter is a smart and innovative way to gain more work from the power stroke of a piston. Doing so is a double edged sword as it has the potential to create work problems when the engine starts to heat up so to combat this possible scenario, Mazda has decided to use high length 4-2-1 exhaust headers, which are designed to prevent hot exhaust gas from entering the intake stroke of the following cylinder. The custom modifications on the Sky series has made it longitudinal, making it a challenge to fit this current engine model... [Read more...]

The New Digs on Diesel - Mazda Unveils Sky Series Engines

A deep look into the future of diesel engines with Mazda’s new fuel-efficient line  Automotive enthusiasts and engineers from around the world have been in constant pursuit of the next big thing when it comes to fuel-efficiency and more technologically innovative engine design. Mazda is racing through the lines with its launch of a brand new group in four cylinder engines called Sky-G and Sky-D set to revolutionize how fours provide engine power to most of Mazda’s franchise. A lot of testers have shown considerable favor over the new engine family as it competes with both speed and fuel economy when compared with other favorite Mazda engine types. The Sky-G with a 2.0-Liter version is set... [Read more...]

Le Mans to be graced by the appearance of Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D diesel engine cars

The Dempsey Racing, co-owned by actor Patrick Dempsey, has intentions to become the first team to gain access and be able to utilize the SKYACTIV-D in next year’s LMP2. Dempsey and his co-driver and race partner Joe Foster have raced in the GT Category of the Le Mans 24 Hours and are clearly excited to go back in 2013 to race at the LMP2 class with the utilization of this particular diesel fuelled engine by Mazda. The Dempsey Racing Team had their operations duly expanded in order to compete in the LMP2 and LMPC classes of the American Le Mans Series in 2013. Dempsey Racing, a team who has campaigned for the Mazda RX-8 since 2007 at the GRAND-AM GT class, has generated impressive results, particularly... [Read more...]

Le Mans to be graced by the appearance of Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D diesel engine cars

It has been recently announced that Mazda Motorsports will be supplying their race tuned and diesel fuelled SKYACTIV-D engines to the various teams who will compete in the Le Mans Prototype 2 class. This engine is set to make its debut at the Dempsey Racing in 2013. Mazda, currently the only car maker from Asia that has won in this endurance race, plans to develop a version of the 2.2 liter SKYACTIV-D race tuned and diesel fuelled engine for the various teams who will compete in the 2013 GRAND-AM Championship’s Advanced Technology GX Class. According to Jay Amestoy, the Vice President for Mazda Motorsports, the company has provided engines that have won international races and plans to have... [Read more...]

Mazda MX-5 GT Concept

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