The Mazda motor company is not a new auto company but one of Japanese origin that has been around from the twentieth century. In 2007 it was seen that the company accounted for almost two million vehicles in global sales. Most of them were manufactured from the Japanese plant of the company while the remaining came from other plants from around the world. It is rated as the fifteen biggest maker of general auto and it lies behind bigwigs like Toyota, Hyundai, General Motors, Volkswagen, BMW and others.
Origin Of The Company
The name of this Japanese auto maker might seem weird for those who do not know the origin of the name.  The company’s name is derived from the name of a God of West Asia, Ahura Mazda. He is known to stand for wisdom as well as intelligence and harmony. Mazda is a company that was founded in Japan, Tokyo. The company was originally called Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. It moved its manufacturing unit for machine tools for vehicle production. The first vehicle to be introduced by the company was the Mazda-Go in the year 1931. The company even produced weapons for the Japanese military during the Second World War. The company took on the Mazda name only in the eighties even though every vehicle that the company launched bore the Mazda name from the very beginning.
Differentiation Factor
The sixties saw the company develop a unique rotary engine that helped to differentiate its cars from the other auto companies of Japanese origin. The Cosmo Sport model was the first launch with such an engine fitted in it. The company then became the sole manufacturer of rotary powered and piston powered models.  That helped to distinguish the vehicles as possessing good power as well as being of light weightMazda has always showcased an impressive line of street-capable models that serve a myriad of functions. Beginning with models such as the modernly original RX and the popular Tribute to the Mazda 3 or the dynamic Millenia, there’s no doubting the brand’s versatility. Freeway performance or suburban joyriding – Mazda cars and SUVs just don’t discriminate due to their fantastic level of consistency. The only thing left is figuring out how to make your Mazda as personally stylish as can be. CARiD has what you’re looking for with all of the Mazda Accessories and Parts around that help your model look better than ever. You have to be sensible and creative at the same time. Our “Superstore” makes that possible.

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