Here’s an updated car-buying guide for people who want to buy second hand cars for the year 2012.
Mazda3 – this is considered as the most successful model ever produced by Mazda. It has the zoom-zoom appeal and the attributes, which are not found in Corolla models. However, Mazda and Corolla are equally preferred by many people in terms of using them for both business and private purposes. Trying to buy this model, you should make sure to avail the free servicing program offered by Mazda NZ. This is going to be a great savings on your part.
Ford Focus – this comes with a two-liter Duratec engine, which also comes with twenty thousand service interval programs that help reduce maintenance costs. It comes with a fuel consumption which is around 81/100 thousand mark. Focus is known to be one of the finest cars on the road and Focus is not an exception.
Toyota Corolla – this is considered as NZ’s top seller over the years. The numbers are affected by the huge numbers of rentals along with business sales. The hatchback comes with 1.8 liter and offers a fuel consumption of 7.4 1/100 km. compared to other mainstream vehicles, Toyota Corolla is simply the best.